Food Week 5

My favorite food is pizza. The reason i like pizza so much is that it can have anything on it. So it never gets boring. You can have bacon, ham, hamburger, vegetables. my favorite place to get pizza is Community Tap and Pizza. The reason I like community is that there pizza is fresh and they make pretty big pizzas.

My second favorite food is taco´s . The reason I like taco´s is that anything can be in them. You can put beef, chicken, fish, lettuce, tomato, olives, cheese. The place I like to get taco’s from is Taco Bell.


My least favorite food is Asian food. The reason I don’t like Asian food is that I think it tastes bland. There’s not as many kinds of food either.





Raise your voice

Bullying is when someone picks on someone else. It is bad to bully because it can ruin someones day or it can even do worst than that it can hurt people mentally and physically.

One way to stop bullying is to stand up to it. one other way is to ignore it. I think the kids should get in more trouble for it. kids should stand up to it.